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Our foundation was forged in telecommunications services

We have grown with the industry and know how to navigate this specific arena. From negotiating land leases, completing a difficult permitting process or even surmounting difficult construction parameters, our scalable services provide technical expertise and assistance for all types of projects in both wireless and fiber.

Whether you need a complete turnkey system or just a site assessment, Hoss is your go-to source for telecommunications investments.

New Telecom Projects

Starting a new build from scratch can be daunting, even when you know what you are doing. There is a lot to get done and a lot that can fall through the cracks if you don’t have sufficient help and experience. Hoss offers assistance on everything you need to start a new build.

Land Acquisition and Permitting

Whether analyzing coverage patterns or determining viable substrate for a tower foundation, each telecom project has unique requirements, ROI objectives and restrictions (environmental and legislative) which can bog down a project before it even starts. Our team knows everything there is to know about assessing needs and creating a plan to address them.

We know the ins-and-outs of navigating the legal landscape to get a project approved to meet zoning and environmental regulations. We obtain permits issued without our clients ever setting foot in a county building or being stuck on hold.

Design and Engineering

Since our process is so thorough, we can easily hit the ground running on new builds. Everyone is aware and ready to play their part. Rest assured, the engineering team is always part of the process from the very beginning. This creates a smooth, efficient flow as the project phases forward and lessens any opportunity for surprises later. By the time plans are being approved we already have equipment ordered and crews scheduled to break ground.


We are experts at project management which enables us to be very effective in construction management. Our teams are never idle due to a shortage of essential materials, a gap in precision skill sets, or, most assuredly, a lack of direction.

We work tirelessly both remotely, and on-site to maintain momentum and keep your installation progressing.

Telcom Equipment Installation
Telcom Equipment Installation

Existing Telecom Facilities

Not every project starts from the ground up. Equipment and facilities need maintenance to keep them functioning correctly. Older installations can remain profitable with component modernization. And, inevitably, systems run the course of their usefulness and need to be dealt with.

Hoss can help! We create efficient solutions to help you with your existing equipment.

Cell Tower Equipment Maintenance
Cell Tower Equipment Maintenance

System Upgrades

At Hoss, “upgrades” don’t necessarily mean tearing things down. Often we can retro-fit your existing investment by disassembling obsolete structures and removing outdated components to be replaced by current technology. We reuse everything still viable and operational to help you keep costs in line and keep you profitable.

System assessments, permitting and acquiring permissions for installation and activation of new components; we get your project off the ground quickly and the equipment modernized efficiently.

Maintenance Contracts and Service

Every facility has different on-going needs due to the type of the equipment deployed, system requirement as well as climatic exposure. Further, the unexpected can rear up at any time which can create acute needs or sow the seeds for issues at a later date.

Hoss is a valuable partner in keeping your facility operational in the long run and avoiding big problems which could’ve been handled with regular inspection.

End of Service Life

The decommissioning process is an important component of the life cycle for any installation and, in the current legal climate, can have many unforeseen costs attached.

Through careful planning and logistical experience, Hoss can help you retire a system in an orderly and cost effective manner.

We bring a systematic approach to shutdown and disassembly of the facility while keeping environmental concerns and legal compliance as a top priority. We work with you to reclaim useful equipment and properly dispose of or recycle the rest, leaving the site clean as the day installation began.

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