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Wind Power by Hoss Consulting
Turbine Installation by Hoss Consulting
Cell Towers in the Tropics
Wind Power by Hoss Consulting
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Turbine Installation by Hoss Consulting
Cell Towers in the Tropics
with proper planning and support
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Don't Leave Critical Power Back-up to Chance
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Providing Expert Consulting for Renewable Energy, Telecommunications, and Critical Power Industries

Whether you need guidance to bring your concept to reality, or assistance navigating a few professional disciplines, Hoss Consulting can help.Together with our network of like minded firms and specialized third party contractors, we deliver personalized consulting services for each client.

Join our clients who receive personalized services from Hoss Consulting

Where some see hurdles, headaches and cost over-runs,


we see logistical opportunities, necessary skill sets and specific professionals to get the job done.


Our consulting services are available for a variety of projects in both wireless and fiber-based networks.

Renewable Energy

Whether wind, solar, or geothermal we’ve got the experience and attention to detail, delivering exceptional outcomes.


Critical Power

We advise during design and permitting stages, as well as assistance with selection of third party contractors for construction.